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Preparing to Approach the Potential Buyer

It is always challenging to approach the potential buyer for the first time. Apart from the fact that the potential buyer is very busy, she is also generally skeptical of salespeople. It is easier to sell if she has already warmed up to you, your services and your company and more difficult when you have to turn a cold lead into a hot one.

There are three phases for preparing yourself to approach the potential buyer.

  1. Essential Questions

  2. Searching Your Target’s Business

  3. Have a Primary and Secondary Objective

Essential Questions:

You need to be certain that the most essential questions about your product, company and industry are clear to you before you make the first call such as

  1. What do we sell? Why should people care?

  2. What makes us different from the competitors?

  3. What makes us better than the competitors?

  4. Even though, we are not the cheapest, people buy from us because…

  5. What will they achieve by doing business with us? How will they benefit?

Searching Your Target’s Business

Once you are clear about the essential questions and are ready to approach the potential buyer, you must research your target’s website, linked-in personal and company pages, facebook and twitter business pages, you tube channels and blogs.

Have a Primary and Secondary Objective

You might plan to approach the potential buyer through email or phone call or you might be meeting her in a conference/networking meeting, you must always have a primary and secondary objective of your interaction with her. It is not a good idea to start selling on your first meet up. Remember, people only buy from someone they trust. You may require a couple of interactions before you develop that trust.

So, I suggest you focus on learning about your prospects’ business and pain points in the first few interactions. Later, when you have broken the ice and have built a trust, you might relate to how your product or service might help the customer.

You can learn more about how to approach the potential buyer and also learn the other selling skills required in the digital age by attending the training and workshops we offer periodically. Please visit or email us at to reserve seat.

Kamran Saeed is a sales trainer and consultant. He has over 28 years of international and local sales experience in varied industries such as IT, engineering, FMCG, publishing, and event management. His approach to sales training is on par with global standards that he learnt in UK. He can be reached at

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