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Training Available with SIP

  • SIP Technical Sales Masterclass

  • Relationship Selling

  • Understanding laws and ethics of selling

  • Understanding marketing

  • Understanding buyer behavior

  • Sales targets

  • Selling to customers

  • Understanding selling to customers

  • Telesales

  • Preparing and Delivering a Sales Presentation

  • Handling Objections, negotiating and closing sales

  • Understanding influences on buyer behavior

  • Understanding customer segmentation and profiling

  • Understanding sales and marketing in organizations

  • Using market information for sales

  • Time and territory management for sales people

  • Planning for  professional development

  • Prospecting for new business in the digital age

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Managing responsible selling

  • Understanding segmentation, targeting and positioning

  • Managing a sales team

  • Operational sales planning

  • Sales negotiations

  • Analyzing the marketing environment

  • Finance for sales managers

  • Writing and delivering a sales proposal

  • Understanding and developing customer accounts 

  • Understanding the integrated functions of sales and marketing 

  • Sales forecasts and target setting 

  • Leading a team 

  • Motivation and compensation for sales teams 

  • Coaching and mentoring 

  • Designing, planning and managing sales territories 

  • Analyzing the financial potential and performance of customer accounts 

  • Relationship management for account managers 

  • Bid and tender management for account managers 

  • Developing a product portfolio

  • Leading a culture for responsible selling 

  • Leadership and management in sales 

  • Planning and implementing sales and marketing strategy 

  • Salesforce organization 

  • Sales forecasting and budgeting 

  • Developing strategic relationships with major customers 

  • Managing sales-related change 

  • Developing and using customer insight


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