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SIP has conducted a number of public training for the salespeople and sales managers. It regularly comes up with training on topics of interest for the sale professionals. SIP offers training in traditional class room style and also online over the web. 

Some of the training conducted by SIP include:


SIP has trained hundreds of sales professionals through its traditional and online training till date.



SIP is fully geared and equipped to offer sales training that is customized according to the needs of a specific company. The training program for the company is designed on the basis of need and skills inventory/assessment of the client. Trainers and Facilitators specialized in particular discipline of sales are engaged for delivery of the training.

Some of the in-house training conducted by SIP include Objections Handling, Negotiation and Closing for Efrotech and Art of Selling for JBS.


Sales Consultancy and Coaching

SIP also offers sales consultancy and coaching services. In sales consultancy the existing sales process is thoroughly studied and customers are advised on how to boost sales. 

Personal coaching is also offered to the sales professionals and managers to groom professionally in sales.

Sales Consultancy
Public Training
In-House Training

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